The Kindertransport - Three stories from Czechoslovakia

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Sir Nicholas Winton and the rescue of 669 Jewish children

Nicholas Winton was working as a stockbroker in London in 1938. In December, he was about to fly to Switzerland on a skiing holiday. But a friend, Martin Blake, asked him to change his plans and come to Prague.


“And don’t bring your skiis.”


Little did Winton know then he was about to rescue 669 Jewish children, and most remarkably, in the decades after, he almost never spoke about it.

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"My mom's face grew more and more serious. I don't know where, but somewhere she'd manage to find out that someone was helping Jewish children get into foster families in England"

"They said, 'Look how they behaved to the Jews in Austria, what Kristallnacht in Germany was like, you can't expect anything good, at least the girls be somewhere safe."

"When I was saying goodbye to my parents and my whole family, I had no idea how things would end up, that I'd never see them again."

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