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From time to time we will update this page with important links and relevant articles regarding Kindertransport

Organizational websites

The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

The single most important Holocaust restitution organization in the world, the Claims Conference has recently secured funding from the German government so that one time payments can be made to Kindertransport evacuees.

Read about it here.


World Jewish Relief

Founded in 1933 in London as the Central British Fund to aid German Jews fleeing the Nazis, here is a link to its pages on the Kindertransport.


The Association of Jewish Refugees

Founded in the UK in 1941, AJR continues to care for Holocaust survivors.

Read here about their programs and Kindertransport projects.


Yad Vashem

Israel's memorial to the Holocaust, Yad Vashem offers websites, databases and educational content to the general public as well as for teachers.

Here is a link to their 'Memories in Suitcase' - webpage.


The Kindertransport Association

A not-for-profit organization that unites these child Holocaust refugees and their descendants and with excellent resource content for researchers, students and teachers.

Click here to read testimonies of those who were rescued by the Kindertransport.


Articles about the Kindertransport

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